Dear Sir /Madam

Thank you for your interest in Onara Partners. On our website we share with you several key reasons why investing in Portugal continues to be the right decision in the real estate market today.

Not only are property prices and the lower living costs offering good value for money, but other important factors for consideration such as low crime rates, attractive climate and a good quality of living continue to push Portugal to the top of the list.

Additionally, Portugal’s attractive tax incentives with its infrastructure and accessibility to other key centres in Europe and the rest of the world markes it out for consideration by today’s demanding investors, where consistent increases in property are matched by very High yields.

Real estate is still considered to be very affordable in the two main cities of Lisbon and Porto in comparison to many other places in Europe and ONARA partners would value the opportunity to find you the right investment. Let us be” your eyes on the ground” in Portugal. We have many exciting on-going and new projects that we look forward to showing you.

Please feel free to contact us to find out more and to arrange a viewing of our portfolio of buildings and properties in the main real estate sectors. We look forward to hear from you.