An experienced multidisciplinary team with focus not only in real estate brokerage but also in real estate promotion and launch of new developments as well as fund management services.

João Osório Pinto

João was born in 1965 and he is father of 4. Lives in Miraflores(Lisbon Area) Has a degree in Hotel Management and between 1989 and 2006 he was real Estate Broker and after 2004 he was a real Estate promoter having had considerable success in the rehabilitation of several buildings in Lisbon. At present is one of the partners of ONARA partners.

Diogo Jardim

Diogo was born in 1963, married and father of 4 Children, has studied Management in Universidade Católica Portuguesa. Started its professional life in the Grupo Mendes de Almeida and in 1989 he became responsible for the real estate area through Predirumo, a firm that he has actually bought in 1994. From 2007 to 2013 he was manager and shareholder of Artepura Sa that developed several projects of Urban retrofit not only in Portugal but also in Panamá.

João Sousa Lara

João was born in 1960, MBA, Married and Father of 3 and lives in Monte Estoril(Lisbon area). He has been one of the executive directors of PMS solutions for more than 30 years. Then as a founder of New Next Futures that represented The Natural step, a well known Swedish NGO and more recently belongs to the team of Onara Partners.

Tiago Velho da Palma

Tiago was born in 1960, married and father of 4. Has a degree in the area of Management and Law. He worked more than 30 years in the financial sector-Banif and MillenniumBCP mainly in activities related to real estate. He is now a senior partner of ONARA Partners.

Luiz Frederico

Luiz was born in 1956, is father of two. A Civil Engineer graduate he started his professional life in finance at The Chase Manhattan Bank. Became involved in the real-estate sector in 1989. Since then, he has held several senior management positions with different firms as Grupo Multiplan and Consultan, and today he is a senior partner with ONARA Partners.